Started from small houses projects that coloring the image of the practice, Mamostudio begins to spread the works in wider spectrum like master planning, residential development, institutional and commercial buildings.

Adi Purnomo, Principal
Adi Purnomo (*1968)  – or Mamo ­– established his own practice in Jakarta in 2000, and in general works alone without a permanent assistant, doing most of the drawings and site supervision himself. In 2002, Purnomo was given an award by the Indonesian Institute of Architects for a series of small- to medium-sized houses he designed, and in 2004 he was named  “Architect of the Year” by Tempo magazine. In 2009 he decided to set up an office – Mamostudio – in Bogor, working on larger scale projects.

Miranda Paramita, Partner
This Parahyangan University graduate worked for Jaya Associates before Canggah Wang in Bali. She was asked to join as partner in 2013.

The Team

  • Suharjono
  • Ismail Hanaping
  • Stefani Levina
  • Miranda Nurlina Tsaniya
  • Ananda Riandini Metya
  • Raditya Muhammad
  • Heru Heryadi
  • Rizka Kurnia Utami
  • Bonita Nainggolan
  • Menayang
  • Danny Wicaksono


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